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Our community is what connects us and empowers one another.
Meet our team and some of our members.


our team


Michael Bascetta

Michael is currently the Venue Manager and Co-Owner behind Bar Liberty, in Fitzroy.

In 2016, together with friends in the industry, Michael was inspired to launch Grow Assembly; a series of food and wine talks from some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry. 

Previous to this he spent 3.5 years working at Attica Restaurant, which culminated in him becoming Assistant Restaurant Manager.

Michael acknowledges the value that mentorship, collaboration and learning from the people around him, has had in propelling his career forward. Worksmith is the embodiment of these ideals.


Roscoe Power

Roscoe is a-once-upon-a-time waiter, bartender & barista now turned property development & start-up professional. He is currently working at ICD Property & is also the Co-Founder & COO of a property technology start-up CoDev.
Having been mentored by some of Australia’s most innovative & successful CEO’s, Roscoe is incredibly passionate about utilising the power of collaboration to inspire people to innovate without boundaries having the support of their peers, to excel within their chosen industry.
In 2016, whilst working for ICD Property, Roscoe was selected to part-take in one of the world’s most renowned digital nomad programs; Remote Year. Travelling around the world for 9 months jumping from co-working space to co-working space, it was here that the importance of not only having a functional space but to be surrounded by like-minded individuals came into light.

The end goal of WorkSmith for Roscoe; to create innovation through collaboration within the Melbourne & global hospitality industry.

Our Founding Members


Luke Whearty

Operation Dagger 

It is rare in any industry to find someone whose passion is equally matched by their creativity, but this is exactly the case in regards to Luke Whearty. 

Luke has been well recognised for a number of years now to be at the forefront in the world of bartending. 

His experiences have seen him travel the world and preside over some of the most progressive drinking programs to date. 

In recent years, Luke has contributed to Singapore's fast-growing cocktail scene with the opening of Operation Dagger

In just it's first years of trade Operation Dagger made waves around the world with its unique approach to cocktail making and in this short time has been the recipient of many accolades.


Dave Kerr

Creative Director
The Tender

A 15 year veteran of hospitality currently owns and operates The Beaufort in Carlton along with The Tender, an experiential agency specialising in drinks. 

Having worked in venues throughout London, Edinburgh, Sydney and Melbourne, he fuses his knowledge of hospitality with a degree in advertising to facilitate speciality services to clients such as Bacardi, Pernod Ricard and Asahi Premium Beverages. 

Most recently Dave was the winner or 2017 Bacardi Legacy Australia and went on to make Top 8 globally. 



Wine import, sales and expertise

Banjo started his career in hospitality in Adelaide at his parent’s restaurant, before moving to London to gain more experience. 

Upon returning to Australia, he headed to Sydney, where he spent a number of years working at some of countries top restaurants.

Banjo then took the opportunity to move to Melbourne and take on the task of Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier at the well-regarded Attica. During his four and a half year stint in this position, Banjo crafted an award winning wine list, as well as bringing the standard of service to a level in which it was repeatedly regarded not only the best in Melbourne, but one of the top restaurants in the world.

Banjo currently works on numerous wine-related projects - a wine import and distribution business (REAL Wines), an online wine business (The Wine Gallery), a wine bar (Bar Liberty) as well as enjoying a glass or two in his spare time. He also recently became a father, which tends to curtail the amount of spare time he has, but that’s another story...


Cap and Bells

Spirits and Cocktails

Cap and Bells is a team who are serious about alcohol, but realise alcohol need not be so serious. With a focus on celebrating the best of Australian produce their first endeavour; Marionette Cassis, was warmly adopted by bartenders across the country. Their ambitious plan is to produce 20 cocktail staple liqueurs over the next three years. Manning the ship is Shaun Byrne (creator of Maidenii Vermouth), with the knowledge and hard work of Nick Tesar (Bar Liberty) and Hugh Leech (MGC/The Bitters Lab) behind him.  Lauren Bonkowski (designer of Pirate Life/Maidenii) rounds out the team.


Stewart Cowlishaw

Smile Designs

Two years after finishing high school in western Sydney, Stewart moved to Hollywood to become a movie star but found himself inside the Ed Hardy Design compound instead. 
Moving from intern to Designer in a matter of weeks, he managed to hold down a second Design job with cult T-shirt label, Parballe.

After leaving Ed Hardy to focus on Parballe, the label imploded and Stewart wound up stranded in New York City with no money and no visa, so he partied for a year, learned guitar and planned his return to Australia.

Since moving to Melbourne, he's spent his time working in the hospitality industry, playing with the band Mesa Cosa, building on his Graphic Design folio and wrangling together a few exhibitions here and there.

He earned his Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design from the short lived Tractor Design School, where upon graduation he was presented with 'the Empty Canvas Award’ for creative excellence.

Stewart it not above trading Design work for booze.