Worksmith is our attempt to answer the question “what do people in the hospitality and beverage industries need that they’re not getting now?” Because in the current day and age, as timeless as it is to serve a drink or a good meal, the world around our work is changing constantly.

When your working day is mostly spent in a venue, or on the road, or in front of your laptop and on the phone, you can miss out on a lot. You lose opportunities to make professional connections, to bounce ideas off of colleagues, to hatch up interesting collaborations, to increase your knowledge about your industry.

We designed Worksmith to be a community hub, an educational space, a flexible place to work with all of the amenities you could ever need. But ultimately, Worksmith is about an idea, that we can put a bunch of smart and passionate people in the same place and that it will raise the bar for our industries as a whole.

The eclectic, culture rich Collingwood, and the thriving heart of Melbourne’s CBD provides us with two perfect locations to create this space.

Arming you with;

  • A Growing Community

  • Industry Based Resources

  • Industry Events including talks, workshops and tastings

  • Access to the talent pool of Worksmith

  • Fast interent

  • Meeting rooms

  • Commercial Kitchen

Take a look at our membership options below. 


Who are we for?


We love this question. 
We're passionate about supporting Australia's food, beverage and hospitality industry. So that includes anyone and everyone affiliated. 

  • Wine, Beer, Spirit producers & distributors

  • Restaurant owners & operators

  • Food journalists

  • Food and beverage start-ups

  • Marketing professionals

  • Designers, developers & videographers

  • Chefs & companies requiring a commercial kitchen space

  • Hospitality driven technologists

  • Bar & Restaurant Managers

Not on this list? That's definitely okay.
We're here for any one that is driven to collaborate and do great work.

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